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Products List
graphite heat exchanger
 GH-type floating head calandria graphite
 GGH-type new-type graphite tube heat exchanger
 YKA-type round hole type graphite heat exchanger
 YKB-type round hole type graphite heat exchanger
 YKC-type round hole type graphite heat exchanger
 YKD-type round hole type graphite heat exchanger
 3JK- type rectangle square hole type graphite
 KS- type rectangle square hole type graphite
 YKS Two-way corrosion graphite heat exchanger
 SGL-type Graphite pipe cooler
 SL Birdcage-type or plugin-type graphite
 Electronic foil graphite heat exchanger
Graphite falling film absorber
 GX-type graphite tube-type falling film absorber
 YKX block-type round hole type graphite
YKch type graphite sulfuric acid dilution cooler
Graphite tower equipment
 Graphite packing tower
 Graphite plate column
 Graphite bubble-cap tower
 Graphite quench tower
 Graphite Evaporator
Graphite synthesis stove
 Water jacket type graphite Hydrogen stove
 Two-in-one graphite Hydrogen stove
 three-in-one graphite hydrochloric stove
 four-in-one graphite hydrochloric stove
Graphite reactor
 Graphite tubular reactor
 Graphite reaction still
Graphite product
 Graphite positive plate
 Graphite pipeline,fitting
 Graphite crusher
 Graphite brick (board)
Graphite mechanical device
 Graphite jet pump
 Graphite centrifugal pump
 Scraper type graphite film evaporator
 Graphite mixer
Other Products
 Permeability graphite equipment
 Graphite-lined equipment
Engineering Case
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Nantong Hengtai Graphite Equipment Systems Co., Ltd. is engaged in graphite by a number of years of equipment design, manufacturing, professional engineers and technicians to create the collection: graphite equipment systems development, design, manufacturing, sales, maintenance, services, anti-corrosion construction of science and technology as a whole technology enterprises.

We strive to us many years of experience and technology in the design, manufacture of products for maximum value.

The general system of production of graphite chemical equipment: graphite tube-type heat exchanger, a round hole type graphite block heat exchanger, rectangular block hole type graphite heat exchanger, two-way anti-corrosion heat exchanger graphite, graphite pipe cooler, closed , plug-in cooler graphite; YKch-type graphite sulfuric acid dilution cooler; graphite falling film absorber; graphite packed tower, plate tower graphite, graphite bubble-cap tower, tower quench graphite, graphite evaporation tank; hydrogen chloride synthetic graphite furnace, graphite hydrochloride synthesis furnace; graphite reactor, the graphite reactor; graphite products; graphite mechanical equipment.

The company also brings together a number of applications of graphite proprietary systems technology: system hydrochloric acid from hydrogen chloride absorption systems, purification systems hydrochloride, hydrochloric acid synthesis system, to strong acid systems, acid treatment system, HCl synthesis systems, waste steel pickling fluid recycling systems, industrial exhaust gas treatment system, the burning of chlorine-containing waste water treatment systems and so on.

We are committed to the promotion of complete sets of equipment systems, including systems of pumps, piping, valves, electrical instruments, automatic control systems.

We are willing to work together with you, committed to improving the field of graphite equipment, technical level of the joint efforts! To seek common development!